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Real-time data in less than 10 minutes a day

For the Happy, Healthy, Whole Child


Infinite Focus Schools is a mindfulness and socio-emotional learning (SEL) technology platform 

Our innovative software supports the development of healthy, thriving learning communities

Made for Teachers, by Teachers

Only 22% of teachers feel they are prepared to teach SEL

Infinite Focus Schools has everything teachers need to implement a high-quality socio-emotional learning curriculum with NO STRESS!


Maximize student engagement with our interactive, multi-media curriculum

SEL Data

See socio-emotional growth for an individual student or your whole classroom.

Mood Data

Receive notifications when your students experience anger, depression, anxiety and fear.  

Easy to Use

Implementation is as simple as pressing play. 


Change the culture of your classroom. Cultivate calm. Cancel the chaos.


(it's why you're going to love it!)

No Lesson Planning!

 We've got it covered. Teachers already have enough to do: contacting parents and grading papers and making copies and differentiating lessons and supporting students and staying after school and...

Track Progress for Every Student!

View comprehension and socio-emotional learning (SEL) assessment data for one student or the entire class. Monitor emotional habits and use the data as an intervention tool for students requiring additional support.

Save Valuable Classroom Time!

Use during homeroom, the end of the day, as a transition tool, an exit or entrance ticket. Use it how and when you want without losing valuable academic learning time.

Students Work At Their Own Pace!

All of your students have their own account and can work at the pace that fits them best. They can login from the classroom or from home, on a phone or a tablet, start a new lesson or re-visit an old one. You'll monitor progress along the way.

No Time-Consuming Trainings!

Every new curriculum means another professional development. Not this time. Our intuitive software is easy to use. Watch enjoyable animated tutorials and get started!

Maximize Parent Engagement!

Share student progress with parents without effort! Parents can see assessment scores and student progress.

Whole Group Instruction!

Review or begin a lesson with your entire class, or allow students to work independently. The choice is yours!

Gain Real, Lasting Results!

Now you don't have to wait for your school or district to catch up with the needs of your class. It's easier than ever to help students self-regulate their emotions, make responsible decisions and cultivate empathy.

The Results

55% showed socio-emotional growth
43% displayed better conduct
33% had better emotional control and peer relationships
48% showed diminished hyperactivity

Just Press Play. It's That Simple.

Press Play to See How It Works

Press Play to See Lesson

Middle Grades Scope & Sequence

Click here to learn more about our interactive multimedia curriculum

Infinite Focus Schools works the way kids work and goes where kids go




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