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Empowering Today, Transforming Tomorrow

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children self-regulate their emotions, make responsible decisions and cultivate empathy for happier and healthier lives.

About Us

We want to cultivate calm, encourage empowerment and change the world, and we believe that we'll do it. One district at a time. One school at a time. One classroom at a time.  One child at a time. 

Who We Are

We are teachers, therapists, parents, principals and school founders with an unparalleled commitment to the well-being of children. 

What We Do

We teach children about their cognitive functions and empower them with the tools to cut out toxic stress.

What happens to the brain and body when they feel anger or sadness? We teach that.

What tools can they use to relax when they feel stress? We teach that.

How to deal with rejection and conflict? We teach that, and a lot more too.  

Why We Do It

The whole child matters.

It's the reason we've been so thoughtful about the quality of our curriculum.

Equipping children with socio-emotional learning (SEL) is crucial.

Success is much more attainable when children understand what's happening to them cognitively, emotionally, and biologically.

How We Do It

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For the Happy, Healthy, Whole Child

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